Friday, August 28, 2009

Here at home...

I started back to school this past week. It's taken me 2 years, but for the first time I didn't completely freak out on the first day and threaten to just throw the towel in. The usual chaos and disorganization was still there, but I seem to have mellowed. Interesting...Anyway, I am now in the thick of it studying anatomy, biology, medical terminology, & business writing. (My family is already sick of being told the proper medical terms for their parts. Liv informed me the other day she was going to need a medical dictionary if I continued this all semester!) Surprisingly, I love the anatomy & biology classes the most. Who would have ever thought that!?! The problem now is that I could sit for hours studying anatomy & biology and easily forsake my other 2 classes. I guess this is where self-discipline comes in.

Liv's been back to school now for nearly 3 weeks. She likes her teacher and she seems to be doing well. The biggest issue is that she's bored to death because the curriculum is just not challenging enough for her. I keep hoping that it will get a little harder, but according to the paper they sent home with the benchmarks for 5th grade learning - we're in trouble. Liv had already mastered about 98% of the things she was suppose to know by the end of the 5th grade. It may be a long year trying to keep her occupied.

Last week we all went to Evansville to see Joe Bonamassa in concert. We had incredible front row seats & we got to meet him before the show. The whole experience was just too awesome for words! We haven't been able to go & do much this year with the move and all and it was great to get out for a day and share something we all love (music) together. It was Liv's first concert. She told us on the way home she hoped we didn't have any ideas of ever going to a Joe concert without her again (we went in March just Toby & I to see him in Louisville). She had such a good time. She promised to hide in the trunk & beg for a ticket if we ever tried to leave her at home and go see Joe.

Otherwise things here are fairly peaceful (unless you count the pre-teen shopping excursions where I threaten to leave Liv tied to one of the clothes racks! HA!). We're looking forward to the fall weather (I'm even looking forward to Christmas. Go ahead and moan, everyone else does. Then I get the speech about how no one has any money, etc. Can we not enjoy the holidays if we aren't rich?...Don't get me started, that's a whole other blog :) I'm hoping that some of our out-of-state family will be able to make it in to visit this fall. If so, that should be a good time too!

Well I'm off to put a roast in the oven for supper tonight. Since we moved, Toby gets to come home every night for supper. That has been such a treat for us. We've never been able to sit down to a dinner together through the week. Now that things are slow at work for him, he's been working Fridays during the day and then he's home of all evening on Fridays. Liv & I are loving it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to school

I was reading Sara's blog this morning & I got to thinking about how Liv returning to school is always bittersweet for me. On one hand, I, too, am sick of the "I'm bored"s and ready for the regular schedules & bedtimes. I love watching her grow and learn & it's nice to have some time to myself in the afternoons. On the other hand, I always miss Liv like crazy when she's gone. For example, all summer I can't wait to get to go to the store alone and then after about 1 trip, I miss her something awful. From the endless chatter & "Oh, look at that"s (both of which I thought were driving me nuts) to the extra set of hands & her memory that is like an elephant' is just not the same without her. While I'll enjoy the first few weeks of silence and me-time (which will most likely be consumed with studying), within a month or so, I'll be watching the clock waiting on her to get home. The bottom line: my days just aren't the same with her in school.

One big plus is the girl-lunches I get to resume with my friend Beth. All summer we've had to either take our kids or postpone getting together because of other obligations. With school back in session, maybe we can get away once in a while for a girls day out! And, since Toby works 2nd shift, Livvy being in school means that he and I get alone time during the morning before he leaves for work. That is always a plus. Especially since Liv refuses to stay the night anywhere anymore. He & I seldom have time to talk about anything that she's not right in the middle of the conversation.

Whether it's bitter or sweet, one thing is for's here. Time to put on our thinking caps and return to school. Won't be long before we're all talking about Christmas & New Years and where another year has went....