Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Decade

So we made it through Christmas. The tree is put away along with all the decorations. Toys, clothes & numerous gifts are still strewn throughout the house. You can write your name in the dust on everything & the floors need vacuumed. BUT, it has been a joyous season. I'm reminded every day of how blessed we are. I am so grateful for all the blessings that I have. For our health, a warm & safe place to sleep, food to keep me & those I love full. I figure all the other stuff can wait while I enjoy Liv for a few extra days before she heads back to school.

Liv took some of the money she got for her birthday & Christmas and bought a Wii. We've all pitched in to help buy the accessories & a few new games. We are all really enjoying it even if it does make our arms sore & remind us how out of shape we really are.

As I was thinking about the new year & what lies ahead it hit me that this year not only starts a new year, but also a new decade. A decade in which I will turn the big 4-0, in which my daughter will go to her proms, begin dating, learn to drive, graduate high school, and maybe even get married (EEK!). A decade in which Toby & I will celebrate 20 years of marriage (WOW!). A decade in which I will fulfill my goal of becoming a nurse, in which Toby & I will make many difficult decisions on what is best for us & our family. A lot can & will happen over this next decade.

Thinking of all this only helped to re-enforce what Toby & I had already discussed. I am not a fan of New Year's Resolutions, but I do believe that a new year gives us a feeling of a fresh start and is the perfect time to refocus our lives. This year, he & I plan on focusing on our efforts on learning to eat & live healthier. In the past we've tried to focus on losing weight, but I think we've been missing the point. It's not about what we weigh as much it is about how healthy we are & how we feel. So in 2010, we have decided to focus on choosing healthier, less processed foods and on making exercise a priority. I feel certain that these changes will result in many of the other changes we want (like smaller pant sizes & more energy :)

When I consider all the life events that will come to pass in the next decade, I am only reminded more of why I want to be healthy & at my best. So many of my greatest goals & the things I have wanted to live to see will come to pass in these next 10 yrs. I want to know that I'm going to be in tip-top shape to experience them.

In hopes of keeping my focus, I am going to make a sincere attempt to blog more and especially to journal privately on a day-to-day basis. I hope that doing this will help the rational me connect with the stupid me & keep me in line. (Because rationally I know what I need to do but the stupid me likes to sabatoge my efforts).

I hope that all of you who are considering a life refocus in the new year will achieve the success you deserve. Feel free to let me know what your refocus will be on & I'll do my darnedest to encourage you along. I already know of one friend who is refocusing on health for 2010 & I hope that she & I can encourage & support each other.

In the meantime, here's wishing all of you who follow me a happy, happy new year full of dreams & goals come true & a decade of happiness, joys, & blessings!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Gosh, it's been a long time since I blogged about anything. I think I'm intimidated by Cris Goode's blog. She blogs multiple times a day and they're always really good, colorful blogs. And what about her Blog Name: Goodeness Gracious? I mean, really, this gal is talented & funny! What I have to say seems very boring compared to that, so I just keep enjoying reading hers and never get around to writing anything myself.

However, today I realized that I had yet to blog about getting in to nursing school. Now, at least to me, THAT'S newsworthy! I got the letter in the mail on Wed before Thanksgiving. I was so nervous that I contemplated just waiting until after Thanksgiving because I didn't want to ruin our holiday weekend. But I talked myself into opening it right then knowing that I'd never rest a second of the weekend wondering what was in the envelope. And, boy was I glad that I did! It was an acceptance letter! WooHoo!!

FINALLY, something goes the way I planned it out. That seldom happens around here, but Toby, Liv & I definitely have goals and plans and getting into nursing school on the first try was a necessary part of them. I'm glad for me but I'm glad for them too. I'm happy that we can now move forward with our goals. It feels good to have a path, a goal, an attainable dream.

Livvy will be celebrating her 11th birthday soon. How did that happen? Her birth is as fresh in my memory as if it happened yesterday, yet I've long since forgotten what life was like before her. Some days she aggrevates me to no end, but there is never a day go by that I don't feel blessed to have her in my life. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, she saves me from myself & molds me into a better person. Cris (yeah the same one from above) once said that her daughter was her life coach and I thought that was such an accurate description of my gal too. I shudder to think the person I would be if Livvy had not come along to share my life with me. I know she's getting to the age where being all mushy makes her want to puke, but at night when I tuck her in I still get little Liv hugs & kisses & multiple "I Love You"s just like when she was little. For her birthday party, I'll try to behave and not gush over her in front of her friends, but in my mind & heart I'll be bursting with love & pride for her. She is truly a beautiful girl inside & out. I'm so proud of her.

Happy Birthday, Miss Pea!

So what about the other person in my life who gives my heart reason to beat? Well, he was as happy as me about my acceptance to nursing school. In the meantime, I've FINALLY convinced him to get his guitar repair/cleaning/setup business going. He's been doing this for quite a while now working for free on friends & family guitars & changing his own around multiple times. He's SO good at this. He has to be the most meticulous person I know. I've witnessed more than one instrument come in the house looking like a lost cause only to leave looking like a great instrument. You'd be hard pressed to find a person who treasures guitars more than him.

Well, it's taken me a week to complete this blog. I hope to one day get good with adding pics and such & start doing this more regularly. Until then, guess this is as good as it gets.

Happy Holidays!