Saturday, February 27, 2010

She cracks me up...

We're back!  It was so nice to get away for the night. We enjoyed shopping in Madison & just relaxing.  Madison is such a quaint little town.  

We took a drive through Clifty Falls State Park.  It was so peaceful & quiet.

Then we went back to the hotel & relaxed in this awesome hot tub!

Unfortunately, the beds were hard as a slab of rock so neither of us slept very well.

Here is a great view from the parking lot of a hotel in Madison called the Hillside Inn.  This pic doesn't do the view justice.  It was truly beautiful. 

When we checked into the hotel & got to the room, I was amazed at how large the hot tub in the room was.  I quickly snapped a picture & texted it to Liv just knowing she'd be amazed too!  I noted on the pic that we should look for a room that had one of "these" when we head to Gulf Shores, AL.  Surprisingly, she never responded.  I was really shocked because I was certain she would be as impressed as me by it.  Later that night I called her & I asked her if she got my text.  She said, "Yeah, but why did you send me a pic of the sink?  And, won't the hotel room in AL have a sink?"  I laughed & laughed & laughed!  I said, "It's a hot tub!"  She started laughing too & said she thought it was the sink & she was so confused as to why #1) I'd be sending her a pic of the sink & #2) she thought all hotel rooms had sinks! 

We got a good laugh over that.  Today, we were eating supper & she said, "I guess if we get one in AL, I'll be able to get in the sink too!" hahahaha! (Unfortunately, we won't have one in AL because I've never found a room with 2 queen beds AND a hot tub (at least not one we can afford).)

Now back to the "real" world for a few more months.  We're still saving $$$ for our vacation in May so it's back to cracking down on our spending & sticking back as much $$$ as we can.  One thing I absolutely HATE to do on vacation is have to worry about money.  I usually plan a vacation budget based on the things we want to do while on vacation & then I like to save enough for those things & be able to enjoy vacation without having to worry about if we're spending too much money.

This week starts my 8th week of classes too!  Half way there! WOOHOO!!! I have a busy week ahead with 2 papers due & some reading that I didn't finish last week to get done on top of this week's work. Last week was crazy busy so I hope this week is a little slower. 

I also ordered 2 swimsuits tonight. HOPEFULLY, I'll like one of them (& then I'll send the other one back). I hate swimsuit shopping & since we're heading to the beach this summer I gotta pick something...

Well, I'm off...hope everyone has a great week! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts for today

Just a couple more days until it's time for Toby & I to get away for a couple days.  Liv is trying to get down sick.  Which figures.  It never fails that when we plan something either she or I gets sick.  I've been teasing her about just pretending to be sick so we won't leave her behind.  She's only recently began staying the night with people after probably a 2 or 3 yr. hiatus in which she refused to stay ANYWHERE.  So we still don't like to leave her because we know it causes her anxiety. Anyway, tonight she came up to me & patted me on the cheek & said, "Don't worry mom.  I'm not going to get sick & ruin your birthday present."  Of course I melted. I am looking so forward to some alone time with Toby but yet I worry about her even when she's completely well.  Now I'll worry that she's sick. I know that parents need time to themselves, but I just always feel so guilty leaving her behind.  Is that normal mommy feelings or am I just too attached to her? All the same, we're still planning on heading out Fri.  Hopefully all will go well, Liv will fight off this whatever it is & I'll be able to enjoy my time away.

My Pampered Chef party was last night.  I had 8 people show up - 3 or 4 were sick & couldn't make it :( Mom collected orders from her work & today a couple of the ones who couldn't make it ordered anyway.  All together I ended up having pretty good sales for the party.  Now I have to try to narrow down what I want as my host specials & discounts.  Wonder if anyone has ever said, "Just give me one of everything!" haha! If you ask Toby he'd tell you I'm nearly there.  (But that is so untrue :)  I'm so thankful for all the gals who came & visited & all the orders that were placed. I'm a gal on a budget & everyone is always so amazed at all the PC stuff I have, but honestly, probably close to 90% of it came from hosting shows & getting the specials.  (It's OK to insert your own cheapskate comment here :) 

I was thinking tonight that I think the only New Year's Resolution I have kept 100% is this blog. I do journal sometimes if I have something I want to write down but don't feel comfortable sharing in cyberspace, but I think the last time I wrote in that journal was back toward the middle of Jan. Most of the time I just hop on here & jot down my thoughts.  It feels like years ago that I had a good exercise habit going.  I'm still sticking to the goal of getting back into it 100% come Mar. 1. 

Did anyone else get an email about Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherines & Cacique all joining together?  Now you can order online at one site for any of the 4 or a combination.  You can have your order shipped to your nearest store for FREE or shipped to you for a flat $7 (no matter how big your order)!  If you need to return something you can mail it back to the company or you can return it to any store & they will send it back to the warehouse for you for FREE (then the warehouse will credit your refund back to you).  How awesome is that?!  I LOVE the Fashion Bug & Lane Bryant (I hadn't heard of Catherines, but they have nice stuff too), but I hate wasting money on shipping & then risking it won't fit or I won't like it & will have to pay to send it back.  Since we have a Fashion Bug close to us, but not a Lane Bryant, this will be great for me! (In case you haven't realized this, I have a small self-control problem when it comes to Fashion Bug & online shopping.  I really have to focus so as to not buy a bunch of crap I don't need.)

Well, this will probably be it for the blog until after we come back from Madison. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Question Blog

I stole this from Toby's cousin's blog, who stole it from some one else.  If you want to use it, feel free to do so.  I just thought it would be something a little different for today...

1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy? 

I'm going to say that I'd rather grow old without money.  Mainly because there are so many non-money related things that I want to live to see; like Liv growing up & happy as an adult, maybe grandchildren & mine & Toby's retirement years.  I think it takes much more than money to be happy & a short, but wealthy life might be a lonely & sad life. 

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house? 

Most of the time me, except on Sun. nights, when Toby takes the trash to the road for Mon. morning pickup. 

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?

I love this question, because I love dreams.  I have had recurring dreams.  I had a recurring nightmare as a child which I eventually grew out of.  I have one person in my past (an old friend) who I ALWAYS dream about if I am mulling something over in my life.  Ironically, this person & I were never really that close, I have little to no contact with them now, & in my dreams we never discuss what I'm mulling over in real life. Yet, any time a big decision or life change is approaching, I inevitably dream of this one person.  Strange, I know. I also sometimes dream things that later come true.  Unfortunately I can't dream the future on command & I never know which dreams are actual predictions of future events. (So don't ask me for next week's lotto numbers - haha).  Liv also has this ability.  Sometimes we can tell you what you're going to say before you say it.  It's a fun way to freak people out - haha! One of Toby's aunts has special senses like this, so we encourage Livvy to just embrace what she is.  She once dreamed something horrible & didn't realize what it meant until later.  That was terrible for her, but I don't think we are always meant to know or understand our dreams.  For the most part, she & I are mostly entertained by our dreams.  I definitely wish I better understood how dreaming works, but I don't think most scientists have it figured out yet either.

4. Can you play a musical instrument? 

I wish, but no.  I've always wanted to play piano, but I am VERY musically challenged. 

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell? 

Probably books or children's clothes. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Random thoughts for today:

- As much as I love having Liv home with me, I'm ready for her to get back to school.  I know they're going to be going to school until sometime in June the way it is & I would much rather her have the time off in the summer months. 

- Speaking of "going to school until June", I think Dr. Tony Bennett's idea that our students need 180 full days of instruction in order to receive a quality education is a load of crap.  I, for one, will be more than happy to check any name OTHER than his on the ballot in 2012.  I believe he has sadly confused QUANTITY with QUALITY.  One does not necessarily equal the other. In fact, last year, they sent the kids back to school to make up snow days.  2 weeks before school was out, Liv brought home all her pencils, papers, etc.  For the last 10 days of "quality instructional time" she didn't even have a pencil at school or a textbook to work from.  How "quality" is that?  This year she won't be going back.  We already had vacation planned for most of the days they are planning to use for make up days.  They have a whole week that they could use in March called Spring Break.  But they never use that week.  Why is that?  All the same, I'm taking her with me on vacation & they'll just have to watch movies, eat junk food, & play games without her. 

- Toby & I are suppose to leave in a little less than 2 weeks for our get-a-way.  Unfortunately, the weather is looking like it might not cooperate. We're going to wait until Mon & then decide what to do. I want to go, but not if it means fighting bad weather the whole time. 

- Where am I on my Feb. goals?  Well, about as far from accomplishing them as a gal could be.  This month has simply sucked as far as goal keeping has went. I'd give you a rundown of how I did, but just jump back a few blogs & rest assured that every goal I set did NOT get kept.  I am FINALLY starting to feel more like myself again after the cold I got during the first of the month.  My stress level is returning to normal & I'm starting to feel like I don't have a billion things on my plate.  I'm thinking that I will start back on Mar. 1.  At least I haven't gained any weight but I've only lost 3 lbs. since Jan. 1.  For March, here are the goals I'd like to work toward:
                    1.  No soda (again).  I'm amazed at how easily I was ready to slide back into drinking soda.  I did fine giving it up but give me 1 soda and I'm like an addict back on crack. So, I think the no soda rule is a good one that I need to continue to stick to. 
                     2. Exercise. I'm going to go back to exercising.  However, I think I'm going to aim for 3 times per week of 30 min/session.  By doing this, I will be getting nearly the same minutes of exercise each week as when I was doing the 6 days worth of 10-20 min. sessions.  I think I will experience less burnout by not being a slave to Amal 6 days a week & I am hoping I will be able to fill the off days with other activities (like the Just Dance on the Wii & - hopefully - more outdoor stuff as the weather warms). 
                   3. Stay away from sugary treats.  As much as I LOVE this stuff, I feel like CRAP when I eat it.  I wake up sick to my stomach, I feel sluggish, & I spend days "recuperating" from my sugar overload.  I really want to work harder on listening to what my body tells me...and it tells me (repeatedly) that sugar & me don't mix.

So that's it for March. I am sad that I let Feb. pass me by without accomplishing much, but I know that life changes don't come over night & I am encouraged by the fact that I can find the mindset to keep going. At least my pesky stupid irrational self has not won this war. 

- I've been swimsuit shopping.  I have the hardest time finding a suit I feel comfortable in. I would prefer a 2-piece but have found that many tankinis just aren't made for this short, fat gal. I did find 2 suits I liked, but they were $89 & $112!  WOW!  I can't bring myself to pay that for a suit.  Do any of you have any stores or websites that you enjoy shopping at?  I love the Fashion Bug,,, & even some of the stuff at I like Lane Bryant's things but I can't usually afford their stuff.  Ideas, gals?

- I'm sick of my history class & professor already.  I'm 6 weeks into class & I can't hardly wait until week 16 gets here. I'm sick of Ivy Tech in general. I'll be so glad to move on & I hope that VUJC is a better college. 

- I love watching the Olympics.  I'm amazed at the wonderful machine the human body can be when it's trained properly.  Others may watch for the sports but I find myself looking at the athletes' bodies & how they move. From the skiers who seem to defy gravity to the ice skaters that display such strength from such small defined bodies, watching the Olympics reminds me of one of the reasons I want to be a nurse: the human body is awesome! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly." ~ Rose Franken

Hello fellow bloggers!  It's snowing here again. They're forecasting maybe up to 10" (or more) for us!  It's hard to believe that it's only a few months until time to think about summer vacations and swimming.

Happy note:  As most of you know, we bought our new-to-me car Fri.!!!!  I am so excited.  Thurs. I had to go to the grocery.  Liv was having friends over Fri. night & on Sat. we were having dinner for my mom-in-law's birthday.  It took me 2 trips in the truck to get our groceries because I ran out of room to put the groceries.  I had to come home, unload the Walmart stuff, leave Liv at home & go back for the Rulers/JayC stuff.  It goes without saying that when we were car shopping I was checking out trunk sizes - haha! We went Thurs and drove some Ford Fusions.  We liked the looks & features of them, but we had never driven one.  We drove 2 on Thurs that helped us decide we liked the car, but the 2 we drove just weren't what we wanted.  I happened across one at Ruxer's in Jasper on the internet Thurs. night.  I called Fri. morning & they said they still had it (in fact, they'd just had a deal fall through on it the day before!).  I told them we'd be there in less than an hour to take a look at it.  We drove to Jasper hoping & praying we weren't wasting a bunch of time. After all, Bloomington had 3 we were interested in & here we were going 45 min. in the wrong direction.  But I REALLY liked this one & I had a feeling about it...Anyway, we didn't even hardly get out of the dealership before we knew this was the one. Of course, we didn't tell them that. Haha! Toby drove (pun intended - haha) a hard bargain, but I was proud of the deal he made with them.  We were able to stay $500 under our budget & were able to pay cash and avoid having a car payment.  So far it's getting close to 30 mpg. Considering we haven't had a vehicle that got over 20 mpg since...well, I don't think we've ever had one that did better than 20 mpg, we are ecstatic!

So here's a pics of our new addition: 

Sad note: I have neglected Amal for nearly 2 weeks now.  I'd been dancing with Liv on the Wii Just Dance, but in the past few days I've not even done that.  I've also had WAY more soda than I  needed.  I definitely have to get back on track.  I have managed to maintain the 3 lbs. I've lost, but I want to get moving & start seeing the scales get moving (downward, that is).  I've noticed my energy level waning again.  I was thinking yesterday that I bet I have to start back riding 10 min or less & work back into my workouts.  I have no one to blame but myself though & I know that even 10 min. a day is an improvement over 0 min a day. 

Toby & I have both noticed that removing all diet drinks from our lifestyle has resulted in a considerably smaller appetite. I had read that diet drinks make us hungry, but it wasn't until I completely walked away from them that I realized what a difference it makes. We've been drinking water, milk, coffee (with real sugar in mine - he drinks his black *yuck*) & regular soda if we drink soda. I would say my appetite has easily been cut by 50% since making this change. Toby said his has decreased & his clothes are fitting looser even though the scales haven't changed much for him either. 

Interesting side note about soda:  I heard about a recent research study that has been conducted that found that people who have even 2 sodas per WEEK can DOUBLE their risk for pancreatic cancer (Soft Drinks Could Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk)!!  And this study: Study: Diet soda associated with same heart risks as regular soda suggested that drinking ANY soda - diet or regular - increases the risk for metabolic syndrome (which is kind of like a pre-diabetes) and drinking diet soda does not decrease the risk for heart disease. 

 Just a couple more reasons why I need to get back to the water regimen...

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!  Tomorrow may be a holiday for some, but it's back to the homework for me.  I'm suppose to turn in a 100-200 word paper on the progress I've made on my research paper for my history class this week. Doesn't sound too difficult, does it?  Except that I haven't actually made any progress on it yet because I haven't even started it! haha! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland...

Well, I wanted snow & I got it!

This was taken from my front porch.  The road is somewhere on the other side of that big tree!

This was a shot out my sunroom window in the back.  

Here's another shot of the back yard.  That's our pool covered in ice & snow.  Hard to believe that in a few months we'll be preparing to open it!

This is one of my favorite parts of the snow...watching Liv play in it!

She always looks like a Snow Princess to me when she's outside playing in the snow...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts for today:

1. I firmly believe that we are lead through the dark times in our lives so that we may appreciate the better times. I think back over some of the terrible things Toby & I have made it through & I know that, although they were hard, they made us who we are both as individuals & as a couple & have given us a greater appreciation for what we have together. It has also taught me to ride the roller coaster of life a little more smoothly.  I now understand that even when I'm at rock bottom I have no place to go but up.

2. Some days I feel like I am the worst mother in the world.  I realize at bedtime that I've spent most the day reading a book or on the computer & have really shared no quality time with Liv and it makes me feel horrible, and yet, I will inevitably do it again.  I guess it goes back to none of us being perfect.  BUT THEN....sometimes my precious Livvy girl will say something like she did this past weekend...The 3 of us went out to dinner & we were discussing travel & flying on an airplane (something I've never done & don't really ever care to do).  Toby said he didn't think he could ever get on a plane again & I said that if Liv was on the other side of the pond, I could get on a plane to get to her.  I said, "Besides, by that time she'll be grown & our life & death won't matter as much."  Liv looked at me & said, "Just because I'm grown doesn't mean I won't need you!  Gosh, please don't start doing things to get yourself killed just because I'm raised!"  I think it was the first time she'd ever actually said she would always need me.  Then this morning I was telling her about this horrible nightmare I had last night which landed me in HER bed snuggled up with HER.  (She said "my how the tables have turned" - haha).  And I said that if something ever happened to her I would be beyond devastated. She said, "Don't feel bad mom, if something ever happened to you I would be the same way."  I guess deep down she understands I love her, but that I'm just not perfect.  I'm trying to be the best mom I can be but it sure is a hard job when you feel like so much is on the line. 

3. I love the snow & I love the idea that I might be "snowed in".  I know it's bad for people who have to get out in it to go to work.  But, since I'm at home most of the time anyway, I love to see all the snow piled up & everything looking like a winter wonderland. 

4. I'm super excited about going new-to-me car shopping within in the next week or so!  It's all I can think childish is that?  Part of it is just the thrill of having a "new" car, but most of it is just knowing that it's important we make the right choice & I want to be done with the worry that comes with that part of it. 

5. I'm also getting excited for my upcoming Pampered Chef party. I love cooking & trying out new recipes & kitchen gadgets & I always have such a good time at those parties.  Which is really saying something because I am not a party kind of gal. 

6. I hate that I got sick & broke my exercise habit because now I feel like I'm starting all over.  Rationally I know that it's better to start over now than to wait another year & start over then, but (& I know it shouldn't matter) because the scales haven't been moving I feel like I'm wasting my time & it makes it much harder to get motivated to exercise.  Since I've had the cold, a lot of the other benefits I was seeing (like being less winded & having more energy) has also waned making it even harder to get going again. Still, I am determined to get back into a daily exercise routine. Starting tonight....

7. I'm starting week 5 of my last 16 week's at Ivy Tech today.  WooHoo!  I can't wait to leave this school behind.  I'm so sick of the disorganization & lack of professionalism.  I sure hope Vincennes Univ. isn't as bad.  Plus, right now I feel like I'm in pause mode.  I can't move on with my nursing degree till the fall & I can't just sit out & do nothing because of my financial aid. I'm a make-a-plan-and-go-do-it kind of gal so I don't like "pause mode."

8. I'm really looking forward to vacation.  Toby was unsure about going to Gulf Shores.  He's not a big fan of the beach & neither of us will swim in the ocean (or gulf).  But, Liv really wanted to go to a beach & I know there'll be lots of vacations for Toby & I alone after she's all grown up.  He said last night that it wouldn't be Orange County, Indiana so he was certain he'd enjoy it - haha! I feel the same way. Anyone else going on vacation this summer? If so, where to?

9. Now that we've decided on a vacation spot the pressure is on to lose some weight before then.  I am going to have to buy a new swimsuit & some new clothes before summer & I'd REALLY like to be able to buy at least one size smaller.  Guess that's even more of a reason to get back to the exercising :)

10. Blogging is an awesome way to waste time that should be spent doing other things. Like homework, house cleaning & laundry.  Does anyone know of a BA (Bloggers Anonymous) group? - haha!! Actually, if I didn't have my FB & Blog gals, I'd probably need some other kind of Anonymous group so at least this is inexpensive & fairly healthy :) 

Have a marvelous Monday!!! 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Well, Happy Sunday to all!  What's been going on?  Well, for starters we passed this stupid cold around the house & I think I somehow have managed to take it back.  I was feeling better & thought I might even get back on the bike today.  Then I woke up this morning all congested again with a lot of sinus pressure.  EERRGGHHH!!  This is not helping me maintain my exercise habit!  

Speaking of exercise, we bought the Wii game "Just Dance" last night.  Liv & I came home and managed to work up a good sweat in about 20 min. of dancing.  I know I looked like a big fat fool, but it was SOOOO much fun!  My heart was beating harder & I was sweating more than I ever do just riding the bike.  So I'm thinking that it has to be considered exercise.  What do you gals think?  I'd like to be able to mix up my exercising so that I don't get bored.

Toby found out at work Fri. that he has to work the entire weekend that we were suppose to go away for my birthday.  So we're going to have to postpone our get-a-way.  Which is a big bummer, but I can't say I'm surprised.  It never fails; he gets absolutely no overtime opportunities, but then we make plans & inevitably they'll schedule him to work overtime.  Still, with the way jobs are right now, I know we should be thankful he has one so I try to be grateful & not hateful - haha! 

We had planned on going to Virginia for vacation, but decided last night we'd rather go to Gulf Shores, AL.  I made our reservations this morning.  I'm really looking forward to getting away for a little while. I love to travel & it seems like we never have the time & money to go where we want. Anyone have any Gulf Shores suggestions or must-sees?  I know we're going to hit the Naval Aviation Museum & hopefully Battleship Memorial Park.  Dad says we can't go & not eat at Lambert's, so I'm sure we'll try that out too. 

Toby's off work next Fri. & we're considering going car shopping. I'm so ready to get something new-to-me.  Of course, right now we're down to just the one vehicle & it's a truck WITHOUT the extended cab so it's a tight ride for the 3 of us.

Before I end for today, I want to say a special "thank you" to the girls who keep me going. Who knew that when I started FBing & blogging that I would wind up with friends that were so encouraging & supportive!?!?  I am really grateful for the support & encouragement that these gals give me.  I'm blessed that they willingly share their lives with me, their ups & downs, & keep telling me to "stay the course" when I want to just throw my hands up & say "forget it!"  So, THANK YOU! to all my blogger & FB gals!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere." ~Frank A. Clark

My irrational self has been rearing her ugly head the past week or so. I knew she couldn't stay quiet forever. I'm just really discouraged that I haven't been able to exercise like I want to since I got this stupid cold. I'm discouraged that even with all the changes I've made the scales never budge (even though I know I should ignore them for now).  I worry that I'm going about getting healthy in the wrong way and that a year from now I'm going to realize I've wasted a bunch of time & effort for nothing....this is my ill-mindset this morning. And of course the boisterous laughter from my stupid self is not helping. 

Still, I'm not giving up.  I'm planning on getting back on the bike tonight for at least a short exercise session.  I did some leg exercises the day before yesterday and my legs are so sore I can hardly move.  That pretty much proves that I need to be doing this.  My poor, neglected muscles...

I think I really need to work harder on my eating.  Suggestions?  I did Weight Watchers about 7 years ago and I lost weight consistently until I was at a healthy weight & about 100 pounds lighter than I am now. HOWEVER, while I was still doing the program, I started gaining weight.  It took me nearly 2 years & over 60 pounds gained before a doctor figured out that I had/have a thyroid problem and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Ever since, even with medication, Weight Watchers just doesn't seem to work.  The docs say it's most likely because with PCOS one of the problems is the body over reacts to everything you eat & pumps out excessive amounts of insulin which gets stored as fat because the body doesn't really need it.  The best control for this is eating a lower carb, low glycemic index, type diet. Basically, eating like a diabetic.  Weight Watchers point system puts a lot of emphasis on low fat, high carb foods.  Higher protein foods usually "costs" more points.  Exercise is also suppose to greatly help with PCOS. 

I have to go back to my doc in Mar.  I'd really like to have made some progress by then. The doc suggested pre-packed meals (like Smart Ones) or shakes (like Slim-Fast), but I'm sorry, I just don't think that is the healthiest way to lose weight.  Plus, at some point I'll want to eat "regular" food & then what have I learned - Nothing.  Too me that's "dieting", not changing my lifestyle. 

I would love to have some new, healthy recipes.  My recipe book is full of old recipes we all love, but are not higher protein, lower carb, lower fat type recipes.  They're pastas & casseroles & lots of yummy-you-have-no-business-eating-this type recipes :) Anyone want to share?  Toby will eat chicken but it's not his favorite, so I can't really fix chicken more than once a week.  Plus, with our schedules, I need things that are crockpot friendly or ready in 30 min. or less with ingredients that I don't need to go to Indy to find & that don't cost a mint to buy.  I know, I'm not asking for much, am I?

I think next week, starting on Mon., I'm going to take the week & write down everything I eat & how much.  Then I can add up exactly the calories I'm eating & see if that's the problem.  Maybe I'm eating a lot more than I think I am.  I've been doing better at eating during the day & not just at supper.  I've also stopped eating anything past 8:30/9:00PM.  (I know I said 8, but that's just too early for me. I don't get hungry after supper until about 8.)  Now that I'm feeling better, I'm going back to my no soda living too.  That should shave off some empty calories too. 

On a completely different note:  I sold our car last night! WOOHOO!  I'm so excited.  Now we only have 1 vehicle, but we will make do until we find something else.  I was so worried that we'd never get the car sold. So that is a relief & was the first big step in getting a new-to-me car! 

Our local weather guru is calling for snow for us tomorrow into Fri & also maybe Mon into Tues.  Everyone keeps grumbling for it to go away, but I'm ready for a big snow.  I like one big snow a season & then I'll be ready for spring. If we get a good snow, I'll try & share some pics. 

Well, I'm off to make my grocery list, get my shower, & get ready to take Toby to work so I can go to the store & library today.  I don't want to get snowed in without life's 2 most important things:  food & books to read - haha! (Oh, & I better pick up some TP paper too - LOL). 

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Fun!

Why, Hello February! You've arrived so quickly! 

Can you believe it's already February?!  Gosh, it seems like just a couple weeks ago I was putting away Christmas stuff & finishing off those Christmas cookies (but let's not talk about cookies right now - haha).

I'm starting to feel some better which is wonderful.  I don't want to lose any of the good habits I've been forming.  I started my 12-minutes a day strength program today.  For the 1st week it's done without hand weights.  Then it's done completely with 3# weights (which I still need to get).  Even without weights I could feel my muscles burning.  Geesh! I am SO out of shape.  Wonder if I'll be sore in the morning?  If so, I'll feel even more out of shape considering it's just 3 sets of 10 reps ea. & I wasn't using weights. haha! I also spent some time with Amal tonight. I went ahead and kept the resistance at my usual level, but I only went 10 min instead of my usual 20.  I did try to do the last few minutes between at a 17-18 mph speed.  I definitely could tell this stupid cold is affecting me though. Normally, I can talk to Liv while I'm riding, but tonight I was extremely short of breath. But I managed & I feel so much better for having done it.  

Today I had to go to the grocery & run some errands. I noticed when I was loading & unloading the car that I was really short of breath & I thought to myself, "This is how you always were in the past.  At least now you know it's just the cold causing it. Why would you ever let yourself go back to this? It's miserable."  In some ways, maybe this cold has served as a good reminder of some of the reasons I want to be healthier and fitter. 

I'm really excited about my birthday get-a-away coming up this month. This month really is packed full of fun stuff to look forward to.  Hopefully a new-to-me car, celebrating my mother-in-law & my grandma's birthdays, hosting a Pampered Chef party & then finishing the month off with my birthday get-a-way!  AND...I hope to finally see some results on the scales from all my habit-changing *fingers crossed* :)

I'm a little discouraged that after 30 days of no soda & faithful exercise I didn't see a drop in my actual weight or really even the fit of my clothes, but I'm trying to remain optimistic.  I do have more energy & my skin looks better & I feel better both physically & mentally.  So I'm moving forward on those improvements & hoping the scales will follow.

I'm going to do my best to stick with the no late night snacking, the continued cardio & new weight exercises, & laying off the sweets this month (which shouldn't be too hard since these mostly come with the late night snacking, so if I can beat one, I'll most likely beat the other).  I'm also continuing to drink LOTS of water.  I'm not going to be as strict about having no soda, but since I don't really crave it or want it, I will probably leave it alone most of the time too. 

Once I get the late night snacking/sweet addiction under control, I think in March I am going to start something suggested by Cris and begin structuring my eating habits to include a "free" day each week rather than trying to count calories or watch everything I eat every day.  I agree with her thought that knowing that "cheat" day is around the corner will help pull me away from the things I might be craving at the time and keep me from eating things I shouldn't every day. 

Speaking of challenges, I keep getting catalogs in the mail full of swimsuits. I see lots of ones that I like, but I'm making myself wait until at least May so that I can hopefully order a smaller size than what I would need now. I think ordering that smaller size will be extremely rewarding so it's really giving me something to look forward to.

Along those same lines:  A while back I made a list of all the things that being thinner, healthier & fitter would change in my life.  Basically what it would mean to me.  Some are really vain & selfish, like "I would enjoy passing a mirror or having my picture taken or be able to shop at Victoria's Secret again." But others are more serious, like "It means being healthy enough to chase after my grandkids & truly enjoy them & being fit enough to actually enjoy our retirement."  

So why don't we share!  Leave me a comment & give me at least 1 vain & selfish thing the healthy you will enjoy & at least 1 more serious thing that you look forward to being rewarded with.  I'm a firm believer that we have to see it to be it! 

Happy February!