Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." ~Newt Gingrich

More randomness (since that's how my mind works most days)...

** Chad finished Liv's pics & now we're left trying to decide which ones we want prints of.  I've got it narrowed down to 20-25...yeah, I've still got some work to do on this task :) In the meantime, I'll share a few more. These are some of my faves...                          
Photo by C. Goldman

Photo by C.Goldman
Photo by C. Goldman
Photo by C. Goldman
Photo by C. Goldman

** School is going good. I'm getting into a routine, making some great friends & really starting to get a feel for it all. I can't believe how fast the 1st 4 weeks of school has went by. Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 5. Technically, I'm a 4th of the way through this 1st semester already!

** I'm ready for the crispness that comes in the fall air. I can't believe that it's this close to Oct. 1 & we're still having to run the AC. Usually by this time we've had the windows open for at least a week or two.

** A couple weeks ago I created 6 weeks worth of "menus" for our household. It's been one of the smartest things I've done for our household. I'll post more about it on Mom's Kitchen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Like Crazy

I recently heard this on the radio & really liked the message behind it...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Random thoughts...

A few random thoughts for tonight:

*  Nursing school could easily kick my butt if I wasn't so determined to not let it.  It's pretty much NO fun.  The best part is the new friends I'm making that truly make it bearable.

*  My favorite photographer turned my favorite gal into a super model this past weekend.  I admit, I was expecting a lot from the 2 of them because, well, he's great at what he does & my gal is gorgeous (yes, I'm biased, but it's my blog so I can be if I want to :).  However, I was totally NOT prepared when I went over this evening to see the "proofs".  I was completely blown away at the overall awesomeness of the pictures.  Here's just a taste of the beautiful pics... and my absolute fave is still to come!

Photo by C. Goldman
Photo by C. Goldman

*  Most every morning I get to see part of the sunrise over Patoka Lake.  It sucks being up early enough to see it, but it is so beautiful it truly makes the drive tolerable. 

*  e-Books suck...just sayin' 

*  I'm starting to realize my study skills suck & I'm glad I've got some great new friends with some great study ideas because I totally need a refresher course on how to study effectively. 

*  I can't hardly believe that crisp fall days are just around the corner & pumpkin carving time is quickly approaching. It will be Christmas season before we know it :) 

*  I'm not sure if that last " :) " is because I love Christmas or because mid Dec.will mark the end of Semester 1.

*  Lastly, I completely look forward to the "Daily Dose" with Mitch Anthony on the radio every morning (which I know makes me a TOTAL dork - but it's OK, 'cause I know I'm cool...right, Jenn?)  Anyway, I love his short, positive little tidbits and I catch myself saying to myself...."Life is whatever you make it, where you go."

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 3 Begins...

If my blog title sounds like I'm keeping track, well, I am. The 5-days-per-week-2-hours-per-day drive gets old REALLY fast.  I definitely want to be a nurse, but I definitely am not liking the traveling that comes with becoming one!  One of our instructors said that you should plan on 2 hours of study for every 1 hour you're in class.  In order to do that, I figured it up, and I'd be studying or in class for 50 hrs each week. Add in my daily drive, and I'd be studying, in class or on the road for 60 hrs a week!!  No wonder I sometimes feel overwhelmed, completely exhausted & miss Toby & Liv like crazy! Some of my classmates also work & I don't know how they do it.  They are definitely super women in my book! 

I have to say though, I've met some really great people & that helps.  I really enjoy being surrounded by people who are always willing to challenge themselves to know more & it's awesome to have friends who support you & understand what you're going through.  This part of school has been both a surprise & a blessing to me!

Next semester I'm hoping to only have to go 3 days a week (& only 2 of those for full days).  I plan on taking 1 class over the summer for 8 weeks.  It'll be my 1st summer class ever, but it will help free up some space in my future semester's schedule. I think not having to go to school 5 days/wk will help a lot with the exhaustion. Or, heck, maybe by then I'll be use to it....but I doubt it :) haha! 

Today, I'm winding down from a busy & much appreciated long weekend.  Sat. we headed to Bloomington & got Miss Pea outfitted for the winter months. She had outgrown every pair of jeans she had & many of her shirts.  In the past month, she has managed to catch me in height.  It won't be long before I'm looking up to talk to her!  Anyway, anyone who knows Liv knows that she LOVES to shop.  Toby & I....not so much. I love to see her happy, but I've never been much of a shopper. Thankfully, Toby went with us & carried her shopping bags all day which REALLY helped.  Those suckers get heavy quick!  With Mom swiping the debit card & Papa carrying the bags, she probably thought she was some kind of royalty! (Boy, how quickly that fantasy must have crumbled when she came home & got told to help with laundry! LOL!) 

Yesterday, Toby & I went to Jeffersonville/Clarksville to meet a lady who was selling a book I really needed for school. Liv wanted to hang out with a friend of hers so we got an afternoon to ourselves which was really unexpected & wonderful.

Today, I've spent the day studying for tomorrow's nursing test & working on my Chemistry homework while Liv helped me get the laundry done up to start the week.

It's been nice to be able to do some fun things this weekend & to relax from the day-to-day drive to Jasper. Now it's back to the ol' grind again tomorrow. It's going to be a long haul to Thanksgiving (which is my next break), but at least when I get there I'll know that I'm just mere weeks away from having completed my 1st semester of nursing school. :) It's becoming easier for me to focus & easier for me to see the end goal. 

On a much more serious note, Toby's dad will begin chemo & radiation therapy this month. As I've said in other blogs, I prefer not to put all the details into cyberspace, but I will say that he has been told it will be extremely hard on him.  The type of therapy he will be doing is a much more aggressive therapy than typical chemo is.  Please continue to pray for him & for Toby's mom too as they begin this journey.  The next several months are going to be very challenging for them both, but knowing that so many are praying does help.