Monday, December 27, 2010


You would think that now that my classes have ended for a couple weeks I would have more time to blog & do all the things I couldn't get done during the semester...and, yet, I find myself just wanting to sit around & do nothing at all.  Today, I thought I'd just write a few random thoughts.  Maybe sometime before school starts back up I will get around to a put-together post...(but don't anyone hold their breath  ;) 

*I'm always glad to see Christmas come & I'm always glad to see it go. I finally got the Christmas stuff taken down today.  I say "finally" because I'm one of those people who start taking everything down Christmas Day if I can.  If not, then definitely by the 26th. I can't remember the last time my tree & decorations were up/out past the 26th...well, until today. 

*I have only been away from school for a little over a week & I'm already missing my girls.  I can't hardly wait to see them next week for a Girls' Day Out!

*I always thought I didn't do much on a daily basis when I was only a SAHM.  Now that I'm a full-time student AND a SAHM...I realize I did a lot more than I thought. This could explain why I feel like I'm cramming a week's worth of work into a few days on the weekends during the semester.  Maybe now that I see this, I can plan better & appreciate myself more =) 

*I love the look of a fresh, brand new calendar at the beginning of the year. It always makes me think of a clean slate.  A new start. Yeah, I'll probably make some New Year's Resolution that'll never make it to fruition, but I think just the process of "taking stock" is a healthy one.

*Speaking of New Year's big one this year is to once again spend at least 1 month drinking absolutely no soda.  Soda is so daggone addicting to me & once I get started it's like 1 glass is never enough to satisfy me.  So, once again I will be starting Jan. 1 with 30 days of no soda.  I will, however, include unsweetened tea this time so that I have something to change it up with once in a while.  

*Once again this year, Toby is going to take me away for a weekend for my birthday.  Suggestions, anyone?  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Livi Girl

12 years ago today, my life was changed forever.  It all started about 8 months prior to that when I heard those scary words "You're pregnant" from my doctor.  The next months would drag on & on while I anticipated what my baby would look like and how she would change our lives. 

A few months into my pregnancy, complications presented themselves & we had to face the very real possibility she might not make it. I can remember praying nonstop that God would not take her back so soon. I can't ever remember wanting anything as badly as I wanted to meet her & share my life with her. And then it was time...

I thought I loved her before she was born, but I had no idea what love really was until I held her.  At that moment, I fell head over heels for that precious little girl & time has only left me loving her more & more.  Time has a funny way of moving faster at the times we want it to slow down the most, though, and soon my little baby girl had grown in to this bouncing, curly-headed toddler...

12 years. When did that happen? From that tiny toddler into a young lady...I'm scared to death to blink for fear I will open my eyes & find a 20-something woman looking back at me...

My sweet, growing-up, preteen gal is my anchor, my focus, my strength & everything that makes me what I am and what I want to be.  What a blessing she is to us! 

Love you, Livi Girl & Happy, Happy 12th Birthday! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nearly done...

As I write this, semester 1 of nursing school is winding down.  Weather permitting, I'll take my anatomy final tomorrow & that'll be it until Jan.  It's been a tough 17 weeks.  Full of ups & downs. It's been hard & rewarding. More than anything I am amazed at the friends that I've made. 

I just want to say "Thank You" to all of my new friends for always being there when I needed a word (or words) of encouragement or just to laugh (or vent) for a little while.  My cheerleaders at home, Toby & Livi, are the best.  There is NO way I could do this without their blessing & support. But they don't sit in the lectures, endure the tests & skills check-offs, and doubt themselves daily like a nursing student does.  Having friends to go through this with has made such a difference!  You gals/guys are the greatest! 

I've wanted a college degree since I was a little girl and getting my Assoc. last year meant a lot to me. However, nothing compares to this nursing school experience. I guess I could see how people could hate nursing school, but my life is being so enriched by the people I am surrounded with that I can't be anything but grateful for the whole journey. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Time Passes By So Quickly

Last night we attended Livi's final annual music program at her elementary school.  Oh, there may be others throughout Jr. & Sr. High School, but tonight marked a milestone in Livi's life (& ours).  I love the school Christmas program anyway.  It's always the 6th & 1st grades that perform. The 1st graders are so stinkin' cute! And it's hard to not look at them & think about how it seems that only a blink of an eye ago Miss Livi was standing up there as a 1st grader instead of the 6th grader she is now.  It's a bittersweet kind of feeling for this ol' mom. 

Thought I'd share a few pics from last night....

Miss Livi performing in the dance number at the beginning of the program.
(She's the one farthest to the L in the green sequins :) 

Livi's 6th grade class
(She's in the far upper L corner of the pic - 2 in on the top row)

This ones kind of blurry but still a good pic of our princess :)

Performing with the 6th grade choir

My beautiful, growing-up-too-fast, baby girl :) 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Happened to My Baby Girl?

Tonight I got this pic from my MIL. (Livi is staying the night with her & my FIL & they decorated Grandma's Christmas tree & made a batch of cookies.) It instantly reminded me of another picture taken just 2 years prior...

Christmas season 2008

When did my baby go from pic #2 to that beautiful young lady in pic #1 ?!?! *sniffle, sniffle*

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What A Day!

My morning started around 5:00am & I finally sat down in my PJs a few minutes ago around 7:30pm.  There's dishes in BOTH sides of the sink & both hampers are overflowing, but for today: I'm done. 

Today we had IV training & TB certification classes for nursing. When that was over, I had to head straight to campus for a test in anatomy.  Thank goodness the first part of the day went well, because my anatomy test went horribly. Oh well, no sense in crying over spilled milk.  What's done is done.  Now I'll just have to pour my focus into the final & make it happen there.

As for the training, I got my first IV inserted into a real, live person after only the 2nd try.  I was plenty happy with that. Jenn did awesome with her IV attempts on me.  She got a good stick the 2nd try as well :) Both of us could have got it on the 1st try if we'd just been less concerned about hurting one another & went for the obvious, instead of the less painful, locations. Still, I think we were both just happy that we actually completed a successful stick! 

When it comes to TB testing, I'm going to be requesting Jenn every time!  We had to perform a TB test on one another (only using normal saline instead of actual tuberculin).  I HATE TB tests because for whatever reason I always find them very painful.  However, Jenn did it today like a pro & it was not bad at all.  
Jenn & Me
Many years ago & many times in the past years,  I had considered going to school to become a nurse, but I never could get past the needle sticks that I knew would be required.  Today, I did it.  I overcame a HUGE fear that I have had for years of being stuck & of sticking others with needles. As I sat there waiting for the final stick of the day, I thought, "I've came this far....nothing can stop me now!"  I know in the months to come many challenges will present themselves, but I have learned 2 HUGE lessons this semester that did not come out of my textbooks or lectures.  

1.  I can do anything I put my mind to if I want it bad enough.


2.  It is impossible to do #1 without the support of an awesome husband, incredible daughter & absolutely amazing friends. I've spent a large portion of my life feeling the need to bottle up my fears, emotions & thoughts & stand on my own - alone.  One of the biggest things I've learned from this journey so far is that life is easier, more enjoyable & much more enriched when shared with a support team.  Undoubtedly, my support system has made all the difference.

Tomorrow I have a much needed day off from classes. Just 8 class days left in this semester! EEK!!! I just wish I was as ready for Christmas as I am for my classes to be over...I've got to get busy on my Christmas shopping (& soon!)!