Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marilyn Monroe - Nicki Minaj

Thanks to LiviGirl for sharing this song with me. I love it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Special Happy Birthday

Toby & the nurse who saved his life 5-23-1972
40 years ago today, early on a Tuesday morning in Hereford, Texas, my best friend, confidante & soul's mate entered this world. It was not to be an easy start for his life. Within hours, a nurse noticed he had something terribly wrong & he was flown to a nearby Childrens' Hospital. He would undergo more than one surgery during his 1st year of life, but even at this early stage in his journey, he was a fighter. 

Toby & his Grandma Virginia 
Toby @ 3 mos

Toby - Fall 1972

Toby - Dec. 1972

He grew up alongside 2 big brothers in a fairly typical country-boy childhood. We still tease him about hitting a groundhog with his bicycle & "takin' it home to mom"! (Honest! Ask him sometime LOL). 

1st Birthday :)


Age 14 - Hard to believe, but in this pic,
 he's about the same age as Livi is now
Graduation 1990


Senior picture - one of my all time favorites :) 

       In March of 1997, our journeys collided & neither of us would ever be the same again. 

Christmas 1997
We had no way of knowing it when this picture was taken, but when the next Christmas rolled around we'd not only be married but we'd be holding the greatest thing either of us have ever taken part in: our precious baby girl.
Our wedding day (I LOATHE this picture,
but it's the only one we have from the day we got married )

Proud Papa

Our sweet LiviGirl

Over the years, we've both grown up...& older. We've weathered some hard times & we've celebrated some beautiful & joyful times. We've held steady through the "in sickness & health" & "for richer or poorer" parts of our wedding vows & I'm so thankful that I get to grow old alongside him. 

I've teased Toby for months now about turning the BIG 4-0, but the truth is when I think about the challenges he faced as an infant & some of the challenges that he's faced as an adult, I'm so happy that our journey has led us to his 40th Birthday celebration :)!  We've been through so many changes in the past few years & I am so excited to see what the next years bring for us. 

40 is just the beginning! =D 

We're celebrating pretty low-key with just some close friends & family over the next few days, but if you happen to see Toby out & about or on FaceBook feel free to wish him a Happy 40th! 

Love that smile! 
HAPPY 40th BABE!!!!!
Hey Toby,
Remember when I promised to save this for your 40th.... =D

Friday, May 11, 2012

"Eventually you realize that the reason God didn't always answer your prayers is that He was answering your mom's prayers." ~ Robert Brault

It used to refer to my own mom. I used it to get her attention. Gripe at her. I used it in it's long form "Mooooooooom!!!" before rolling my eyes, I used it at the end of "I love you" & "thank you".  

Then I became "Mama" to my own precious child. Mama became a plea in the middle of the night after a bad dream or a loud clap of thunder. It came in a eyelash batting long form "Maaaammmmaaa" when she wanted something. It followed "I wuv you" & was scribbled in childish toddler signatures on homemade cards & drawings. 

Today, I am "Mom" & my mom has become "Grandma". Oh, she's still Mom to me, but more & more I find myself not going to "Mom's house", but running over to "Grandma's". Livi runs in a room motioning "who's on the phone?" and I don't answer "my mom" but "It's Grandma." 

It's funny how our roles keep evolving & we start taking on the "titles" of those before us. Then one day we're in the middle of hollering at explaining something to our kids & we realize: "I sound just like my mother." :) Our roles change & life keeps us apart longer than we like sometimes, but we never outgrow the love of our moms. I may be referring to Mom as "Grandma" now, but in my heart she'll always be "Mom": the woman who loved me before anyone else, who helped me learn to walk & listened to me jabber on & on (from birth - according to her),  who still listens when I need to vent about daily frustrations & who continues to remind me "If you need something, I'm only a phone call away." 

Mom. Mama. Ma. Mommy. Mother. Hey you. :) Whatever your kids call you, I know it likely evokes all the same feelings of love & purpose that I feel when I hear Livi say "Mom".  There are many successes, purposes & titles in our lives, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of being a mom. I'm so grateful that I have LiviGirl in my life & so blessed to have the Mom I have. 

Happy Mother's Day! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." ~ Arnold H. Glasow

It's done!  I did it!  Sometimes I thought this day would never get here; other times it feels like it flew by. I'm so grateful for the support I've been given, for the friends I've made & for the whole experience as a whole.

My partner in crime :) I couldn't have done it without this gal! 

Livi & Steph's daughter, Sadie

My reason for everything....
 I could never have made it this far without the support of the people in these pictures. From Mom & Dad's help running Livi here, there, & yonder & making sure she had what she needed when I wasn't home to Grandma's practically daily reminders that I could succeed to the shared happiness & misery of the journey that I knew Steph would always understand to the quiet midnight talks Toby & I had when my self-confidence was waning to the never failing belief in me that LiviGirl always shared (she always knew what I needed to hear the second I needed to hear it!)...without these people I wouldn't be who I am today. Much thanks & love to each of them for helping me along the way!