Tuesday, June 26, 2012

“Remember today, for it is the beginning of always..." ~ Unkown

The past few days have been amazing, tearful, exciting, scary, nerve-wracking...& about every other emotion you can think of. I hadn't said a whole lot to very many people, but on Sat. June 23, 2012 I walked with my bestest gal pal in the world into a room in an Indianapolis office building & finished what I started several years ago. I became a nurse!

I didn't know officially until today, but it's done.
I'm Terra King, RN.
Steph said it well when she said, "Never knew two little letters could take so much work....but it was all worth it".

It seems like only yesterday, I looked at Toby & said "I want to be a nurse." That was several years ago & a ton of sacrifices from him & LiviGirl ago. He & I had been taking a hard look at where we were in life & where we wanted to go. We knew we weren't getting any younger & in order to change the little things we were going to have to change the big things first. We entered into this journey knowing it would be tough, but I don't think either of us realized just how tough some days were going to be. Still, never once, did Toby or Livi suggest we turn back. Never once did they say "Give it up". Never once did they say "You can't do this" or "I'm sick of sacrificing for this". Nope. Every single day they said: "I love you", "I'm proud of you", "You got this" & a million other words of encouragement. Livi, like the guardian angel I know she is, managed to single-handedly fight off my self-doubts on a few occasions by knowing exactly the right thing to say at the exact moment I needed to hear it. In a million years & a thousands chances, I could never have picked a better daughter to share my life with. She's amazing! And then there's Toby. He weathered my moods, held me when I cried, supported me when I was angry, celebrated my successes,  helped me remember to laugh & never stopped saying "I have never doubted you."  He has worked so hard to support us financially so I could pour all my efforts into school. He pinned so many of his hopes on my success & his belief in me never wavered. I am a very lucky gal to call him "husband"!

So where do I go from here? Well first things first, I have to find a job. I've started applying & making some calls. I know the right opportunity will present itself when the time is right. If there's one thing we've learned, it's that life does not always take the path we expect. I use to feel the need to guide my every step in the direction I thought best. Now I try really hard to let life guide me. It doesn't mean I don't still sometimes try to control it all, just that I'm getting better at realizing some things are better left controlled by hands other than mine.

In the few days since taking my state exam, I've already found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. It feels wrong & kind of weird to not be studying or thinking about studying or planning when to study or worrying about how to fit 30 hours into the 24 hours each day holds. I'm sure once I get to work, things will pick back up & be busy again, but for now, I think I'll spend more time cleaning, cooking, doing laundry & reading for pleasure. It's no secret that those things have all been sorely neglected during all of this.

But for tonight, as I sit here reflecting on all that has transpired in the past several years, I find myself filled with peace & contentment. So much I have learned along this journey was not related to the healthcare field at all. And while the actual nursing knowledge I've gained & will continue to gain is great, I think the other lessons about myself, friends, family & life in general may end up being the most important ones of all.

June 23, 2012. The day my journey in life officially rounded the bend in the road & started down another path...& I can't wait to see what lies ahead!